2020/2021 Job Opportunities

Contract Opportunity 

Assistant Stream Technician – Salmon Enumeration (Broughton Archipelago)

Echo Bay, BC

Contract period: August 10th – November 15th 2020

Contract location: Echo Bay, BC (applicants must be willing to be based in the small off-grid community of Echo Bay for the duration of the contract. Multiple housing options are available (please inquire) but cost will be paid by the applicant.

Contract summary: The Assistant Stream Technician position involves working as a one half of a team of 2 based in Echo Bay. Stream Technicians will travel via boat to approximately 20 streams on a rotation schedule within DFO Area 12 (Broughton Archipelago) to conduct salmon enumeration via visual stream walking surveys. This is a two-part contract, where 8 of the streams have their data collection reported to and funded by Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) and the remainder of the streams (up to 12) are funded by MESSS and recorded in the MESSS Enumeration Database. This position is a fieldwork position only, no data entry or computer work is required.

Pay: $9,600.00 total paid via 3x monthly payments of $3,200.00 (housing and other living expenses not included in contract)

Schedule: Roughly 6 days on, 3-4 days off, though weather dictates schedule and frequent schedule changes will occur through the season to work around weather and rainfall.

Details: The Assistant Stream Technician will be trained by the Lead Stream Technician in the official DFO methodology that is followed to provide escapement estimates in 8 DFO streams. A total of minimum 8 surveys on each stream will be completed on a rotational basis, every 7-10 days. An additional 12 MESSS stream surveys will be conducted on a rotational basis throughout the season. This position will assist in collecting water quality data including pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen and conductivity data, as well as monitoring and measuring water levels and flow, quality of spawning substrate, riparian area, and barriers to access. Wildlife activity observed during all surveys will also be recorded. These stream surveys will be conducted visually by walking up streams identifying and counting species, while collecting all required data. Minor trail maintenance will be included, primarily early season.


Experience & skills required: PCOC (Pleasure Craft Operators Card) ticket (attainable online), experience in remote outdoor settings, active and able to hike for the majority of a work day, basic knowledge of salmon identification and life histories.

Other requirements: Must be over 18, comfortable sharing space with wildlife (bears, cougars, wolves, etc.), comfortable living off-grid and in a very small community for duration of contract, willing to work in inclement weather conditions, all daily commutes to work will be via boat and at times, truck, via logging roads, must be able to endure bumpy boat / truck travel, have a good attitude even on the rainiest days, a flexible schedule and commitment to the contract, willing to learn, enjoyment of and respect for nature is a must.

Experience preferred: SVOP (Small Vessel Operator Proficiency) ticket, MED-A3, ROCM, first aid skills especially Wilderness First Aid Certificate(s), chainsaw skills, strong knowledge of salmon identification and life histories, exceptional observation skills, wildlife experience, knowledge of bear/wolf/cougar behaviour and safe interactions, experience with rivers and safe practices around water preferred.

This contract offers an inclusive and supportive work environment that is safe for all identities, centring learning about the species and ecosystems encountered, and building on the skills and abilities the contract entails. While there is risk involved in working remotely outdoors in close proximity with wildlife, the risk is acknowledged and managed via the safety equipment, planning, skills, and knowledge of the Stream Technicians conducting the contract.

This position maintains safe workplace practices regarding COVID-19. 

Please send questions and applications in the form of an up-to-date CV/Resume to MESSS at m.e.s.s.s.echobay@gmail.com