2018/2019 Volunteer Opportunities


Creek Assessment Assistant for M.E.S.S.S  June – August 2018

In 2018 MESSS plans to continue assessing and monitoring salmon habitat in the tributaries of Loose Lake, Gilford Island BC, and is looking for volunteer help for 3-4 weeks starting in mid June through mid August.  Accommodation and stipend provided.

 Creek Rehabilitation Assistant for the Mainland Enhancement of Salmonoid Species Society, Gilford Island, BC 

July 15th 2017 – August 7th 2017

M.E.S.S.S plans to enhance the Coho and Cutthroat Trout habitat in 4 tributaries of Loose Lake, Gilford Island from July 15th – August 7th (approx.) Creek names:  Minihump Creek, The Connector Creek, Shoal Harbour Creek, Scott Cove Creek.

Between 0.5 and 1 ton of 1 ” Limestone gravel will be added to 3 of the most acidic creeks, as well 1-3″ Coho spawning gravel to three of the creeks in 0.5 -3 ton quantities.

By adding gravel and limestone we hope to rehabilitate existing Trout and Coho fisheries by restoring the ph to consistently reach a minimum of 5.4, providing new habitat for invertebrates, increasing spawning habitat, egg and alevin survival, dissolved oxygen levels and also lowering temperature.

MESSS is currently looking for either one full time or multiple part time volunteer assistants to work with our field technician for a period of about 3 weeks.  A stipend of $50 PLUS accommodation at Salmon Coast field station will be provided by MESSS for each day of labour. Duty will include manually moving limestone and gravel into creeks under the direction of MESSS.  All necessary equipment and transportation will be provided.

If you’re interested GREAT! Please send an email to the MESSS board of directors at: m.e.s.s.s.echobay@gmail.com